The past few years Christiaens Group was successful in tendering for designing and building different facilities for composting of Source Separated Organics (SSO).

This resulted in “In Vessel Composting” facilities around the world which all turned out to be very successful in their operation. The latest one was opened in 2012 in Hoek van Holland and forms an important organics facility for British company Shanks, a on the UK stock exchange listed waste treating company.

All different kinds of legislation regarding compost quality and hygienisation are proven to be achievable with the by Christiaens Group supplied technology. Ranging from end product obligations set out by the Canadian Council of Ministers of Environment to Dutch, German, French - or British pasteurization requirements, all these were met after a short period of time after start up of each of these facilities.

In order to fulfil all these different types of requirements and obligations, Christiaens Group has to be flexible in designing each single facility. Over 40 years of experience in combination with the fact that Christiaens Group produces almost every item themselves, results in cost effective and successful designs and solutions each and every time again.


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