City of Prince Albert

The Prince Albert composting facility, is designed by Earth Tech (Canada)and the Christiaens Group (NL) in order to treat sewage sludge. The facility is operated by the city of Prince Albert.

Region of Peel

Along with key partners Earth Tech and Maple Reinders, Christiaens Group undertook a Design/Built in order to create a new first phase compost facility for the Region of Peel.


Together with a highly skilled and experienced team (Maple Reinders,
Associated Engineering, Aim Waste Management and Van Kaathoven Groep)
Christiaens Group was responsible for the realization of the Design/Build/Operate project: Hamilton Centralized Composting Facility.

Fort McMurray

As part of the expansion of the Fort McMurray Tertiary Waste Water Treatment Plant, the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo gave Earth Tech the order to design a biosolids composting plant.

City of Guelph

Recently the re-construction of the Organic Waste Processing Facility for the City of Guelph was started. Due to the experience and their combined CV in Canada,Maple Reinders Group and Christiaens Group have been awarded the contract to built this state-of-the-art OWPF. Operations will be done by Aim Environmental and Van Kaathoven Group.

Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM)

As part of their overall long-term waste management plan, the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) collects their organic waste generated in the community separately in order to process it in their newly built centralized composting facility.

The town of Banff

The Town of Banff decided to expand and upgrade their existing Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), through the use of the Design/Build/Operate (DBO) project delivery model. The DBO project delivery model presented a unique opportunity for the Town of Banff to
truly find the most efficient process to meet its needs. In order to be successful the proponent needed to select the most effective design based on both the capital as well as the long-term operational costs.

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