S.E.S.A. SpA

In 2006 Christiaens Group has started to extend the existing SESA SpA composting facility located in Este.The extension comprises the construction of 4 new tunnels and the modification of 10 bunkers.The newly built tunnels are 8 meters wide and 56 meters long. These tunnels are equipped with the same robust air handling system as Christiaens Group is known for. The modified bunkers are converted into tunnels which makes it possible to recirculate the air and by doing so minimizing the amount of air to be exhausted.

Bioman SPA

Lying half embedded in a former river bed, the Bioman SpA waste huge amounts of organic waste.
The initial building phase consisted of 18 tunnels of 8m wide and 52m long, of which part are biofilter tunnels. The design incorporated changing biofilter tunnels to composting tunnels and vice versa, keeping the plant flexible

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