Grand opening Walkro Belgium

A few weeks ago Walkro Belgium organised a grand opening for the new Phase 1 facility.

Christiaens got the order for supplying the machineries for this facility. The project contains 9 bunkers of 9x55 meter each. Each bunker holds approximately 1100 tons of Phase 1. The new building is connected with a long conveyor to the old Phase 1 facility. The old Phase 1 facility is now used to receive the raw materials and mix them for a few days before it enters the new site. The total production of Phase 1 is approximately 9000-9500 tons per week.

The new building has 2 overhead filling systems. Each system has his own supplying conveyor on the bunker deck. On top of the bunkers is a conveyor house installed in two different compartments. Each compartment has one conveyor system. This set-up makes it possible to separate the ‘dirty’ and ‘clean’ compost. In other words the young and unfermented compost and the ready and fermented compost.

Christiaens took this opportunity to fine-tune and upgrade the equipment. This results in capacities up to 400 tons per hour. 


Thursday 26 March 2015

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