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Our company is located in Horst, the Netherlands- the international centre for mushroom cultivation and research. The company started making machineries for the mushroom industry since 1971 and expanded their expertise over the years in all areas related to mushroom cultivation and In Vessel Composting.

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Our disciplines are:

  • Engineering: setting up and engineering of complete projects
  • Construction: everything related to the construction of composting plants.
  • Technical installation: airhandling systems and technical installations for creating the right climate as well as odour management.
  • Controls: control technology for all processes in composting.
  • Machines: designer and builder of good and strong machines for composting

A wide range of organic solids have successfully been treated in our facilities worldwide.
Our composting technology is suitable for composting and bio-drying MSW, SSO, FOGO, biowaste, biosolids, green waste, manure and more.
In this way organics are reused as a compost, contributing in significant Global Green House Gas (GGHG) emission reductions and improving soil fertility.

We are specialised in automatic tunnel filling and emptying technology that both save time, labor, fossile fuel and improves workspace safety and cleanliness.
But more important: it contributes in producing the best possible quality compost !

Proven technology since decades!

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