Automatic Emptying

Christiaens delivers composting tunnels with automatic tunnel extraction. The system is unique and consist out of a special Christy floor with tunnel plates that work more or less like a walking floor.
The emptying machine discharges the extracted compost directly, evenly and clod free on a conveyor belt for immediate further processing (compost refinery, strorage or direct trailer filling).

Transferring materials, from one tunnel to another, is easy, quick and clean executed with automated emptying (and filling). Transferring is necessary for highly active organics where high compost stability is needed and at sites where additional liquids/process water is being processed in the composting tunnels.

Automated emptying give the following advantages:
- less loader traffic improving safety in the working area
- Due to less loader traffic, significant reduction of Diesel Engine Emissions (DEE)
- Savings in fossile fuels
- Savings in labor.
- Cleaner work floor.
- Man independant operation
- Lower OPEX compared to loaders

Auto filling in combination with auto emptying makes a high grade automated composting plant, reducing OPEX significantly.

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