Automatic filling

Christiaens’ Over Head Filling (OHF) system is an automated system to fill composting tunnels in horizontal layers which makes a perfectly even and maximum airy pile of input material. “Difficult” to compost materials which have poor porosity and permeability will compost easier and quicker compared to bucket loader fillings.
Each fill is reproduceable resulting in a constant compost quality.
Also materials can be stacked up higher into a tunnel, depending on the bulkdensity and structure of the material, resulting in a higher plantcapacity.

With our OHF you can process your inputs on daily basis into a tunnel even when the tunnels is not completely filled. Just process the first layer for a while, whereafter a second layer is build upon the first and so on untill the tunnel is full.
In this way you can keep your input storage as small as possible, resulting in less odour.

Another automated filling system is the filling cassette: an extendable conveyor belt system which drives into the tunnels filling it evenly in one go from the back to front. Compared to loader fillings a reproduceable fillinggrade, higher porosity and prevention of clogging the aeration floor are the main advantages.

Both automatic filling systems give the following advantages:
-              High capacity
-              Less loader traffic improving safety in the working area
-              Due to less loader traffic, significant reduction of Diesel Engine Emissions (DEE)
-              Savings in fossile fuels
-              Savings in labor.
-              Cleaner work floor.
-              Reproduceable tunnel batches (= steady compost quality)
-              Less energy/electricity costs per tonne material (improved air permeability).
-              Man independant operation
-              Lower OPEX

Automatic filling in combination with automatic emptying makes a high grade automated composting plant.

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